Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Thanks and Video

Promoting a book without real publisher support is incredibly difficult, and I wanted to give a hearty thanks to all the folks who supported me over the past two months in California and Oregon. Naomi Cytron at SF Fed, Sara Erickson at RCD, Aaron Golub at PSU, Jia-Ching Chen and Joanne Novak at UCSB, Egon Terplan at SPUR, Paavo Monkkonen at UCLA, Alvaro Huerta at Cal Poly Pomona, Stephen Wheeler at UC Davis, Sheila Nickolopoulos at SF Planning, Deland Chan and Carol McKibben at Stanford, Rachel Brahinsky at USF, Gordon Douglass at SJSU, and of course Teresa Caldeira and Deborah Lustig at Berkeley for getting us started. I'm happy to report that by the time I got to the last talk at the SF Fed, I figured out what needed to be said.

I hope to be back in the West for more talks this summer and beyond, and perhaps in NYC and Boston in Spring.

Stanford has been kind enough to make the video available, and I will post more as they become available.

Human Cities Expo 2018: Alex Schafran, The Road to Resegregation - Northern California and the Failure of Politics from Stanford Human Cities on Vimeo.