Cities of Carquinez

The San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) recently featured my argument about rethinking the past, present and future of sprawl in its June issue. Below are links to my two pieces and a great analysis by Jake Wegmann and Chris Schildt. Thanks to Egon Terplan, Allison Arieff and Gabe Metcalf for both great editing and the opportunity to make our case.

The Cities of Carquinez
While these ten cities may not be on everyone's radar, together they represent a tremendous opportunity for long-term growth in the region.

Diversity Didn’t Cause the Foreclosure Crisis
Solving the problems of the Cities of Carquinez means embracing the subregion's economic, racial, and social diversity.

Urban Field Notes: Exploring the Cities of Carquinez
An urban planner finally stops to take a look around — and not just a drive right through — a region in his own backyard.

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