Race, France and the neuf-trois

The first piece in a series of collaborations with French scholar Yohann Lemoige and American sociologist Greg Smithsimon was published in Herodote, the French journal of geopolitics published by the Institut Français de Géopolitique. The article, entitled 'Ni la race ni le 9-3 ne sont ce que nous croyons qu’ils son' (Neither race nor the 9-3 are what you think they are') looks at how supposedly American ways of seeing race both can be used and are being used to understand the Department of Seine Saint Denis outside of Paris and the issue of race in France more generally. Stay tuned for forthcoming work from Yohann and I rethinking the relationship between the suburbs and the banlieue, and a piece which examines the persistance of white imagineries of a changing French suburbia.

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