The Road to Resegregation is Out!

I'm thrilled to announce that The Road to Resegregation: Northern California and the Failure of Politics, is out now from UC Press. It should be in bookstores in the Bay Area by the end of October, and is available online in both electronic and paper versions.

I will be doing a book launch and tour through California between Thanksgiving and the end of January. More details will posted here, but I welcome inquiries about speaking engagements, brown bag meetings or any other change to discuss the book in person whilst I am in California. Contact me at: a.schafran [at]

From the publisher's description:

How could Northern California, the wealthiest and most politically progressive region in the United States, become one of the earliest epicenters of the foreclosure crisis? How could this region continuously reproduce racial poverty and reinvent segregation in old farm towns one hundred miles from the urban core?

This is the story of the suburbanization of poverty, the failures of regional planning, urban sprawl, NIMBYism, and political fragmentation between middle class white environmentalists and communities of color. As Alex Schafran shows, the responsibility for this newly segregated geography lies in institutions from across the region, state, and political spectrum, even as the Bay Area has never managed to build common purpose around the making and remaking of its communities, cities, and towns. Schafran closes the book by presenting paths toward a new politics of planning and development that weave scattered fragments into a more equitable and functional whole.

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