Academic publishing has unfortunately moved very slowly into the electronic age, meaning that space requirements are brutal and color graphics often impossible.

Below are appendices for Schafran and Wegmann (2012), with more to follow as necessary.

The Cole Valley Metric measures the ratio of property values in a given zip code in a given year to a single zip code in San Francisco's Cole Valley. It enables us to measure and visualize change in value relative to other places in the region, and between the core and periphery. The data comes from a monthly series of average sales data by zip code provided by Data Quick through the UC Data library.

The Cole Valley Delta is the rate of change between two years. In this case, we measured change between 1990 and 2005.

These two maps, which are color versions of the maps in the article, look at raw change in Black and Hispanic residents, i.e. the number of people, by zip code from 1990-2009. From the 2009 ACS and the 1990 US Census using Neighborhood Change Database 2000 tracts converted to Zip Codes (ZCTA).

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