Photography and Video

I am an avid amateur photographer, and am working more and more to incorporate my photos into various urban explorations. Recently, I have begun a collaboration with students Deon Chung, Ambs Clark and Ellen Griffiths and the University of Leeds, who are curating my vast (56k+) collection of photos on Flickr. We now have an operating set of tags, and have begun organizing images in into morsels of urbanism, politics and culture.

We recently debuted this growing collection on Instagram (alexschafran), with more and more coming in Spring 2019. Each set of images you click on - generally between two and six images - is curated by one of the four of us.

I welcome outreach from any collaborators who would like to use any images of mine for different reasons.

I also experiment with video, focused on two different methods: one which captures sound alongside video and splices it together with no sound editing, a kind of visual collage  - see Detroit and Tunisia below. The second, featured in my newest piece on the French election, is a modern update of the flipbook, using hundreds of still images.

The French Election from alex schafran on Vimeo.

Tunisian Honeymoon - large version from alex schafran on Vimeo.

Detroit Radio from alex schafran on Vimeo.

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